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Gaia Crusaders

Never Played But It’s Fun – Gaia Crusaders | Retro Gaming | M.A.M.E

Gaia Crusaders is a beat them all developed by Noise Factory , released on arcade in 1999 .

Five warriors attempt to collect the seven pieces of Gaia’s Teardrop in order to prevent the destruction of Earth.

I never played this game before. I see the screenshot and that took my interest. So, I played the game and enjoyed a lot. The character have special power of Fire, Earth, Water, Air. This is a nice game. You’ll surely enjoy this. This is an arcade game. You can also make infinite life and power using cheat database. If you want to know more comment here! You can’t ignore this game if you love old games/retro games. You can still play this game with mame emulator. You can download mame emulator and roms from our website.

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