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Today is a sad day. December 31st is the last day for CorePack group and their site. The events that led to the closure are laid out in Raven’s (CP admin) post here. Many of the gaming community, re-packer, Cracker and publisher shutting down each and every year. Where developers still don’t make fair pricing for each country. Many times we got threat from many developers for uploading cracked games. Sometimes many developers made us delete the uploaded game. I don’t know how much time we can survive this fight! In every cracked game we always say buy if you like the game! That’s for sure to support the developers! But still we need to fight with the price.

It’s really sad for us that we aren’t going to getting any more re-pack from corepack and also we lost a team.

CorePack was one the most productive group out there. They had their highs and lows, and in a past few years their repacks were almost always w/o errors or ripped stuff, which I use for many games.

I will miss CorePack as a very skilled repacker and I really hope that Raven and The Knight will rise like two Phoenixes.

Guys, you will be remembered. But please return.

Love for you guys!

-Mango Gamers

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