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Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Having returned from mastering his new found abilities as an Onimusha, Samanosuke Akechi returns to battle the Genma army in Japan 1582 as he fights his way to Honnō-ji Temple to finally put an end to Nobunaga Oda. Though Samanosuke defeats Nobunaga’s ward Mori Ranmaru, he ends up being pulled through a portal that opened below him. Samanosuke awakens in Paris in the year 2004 where he aids a man named Jacques Blanc in fighting the Genma army that has begun its invasion near the Arc de Triomphe. The time portal reappears and pulls Jacques and Philippe through to feudal Japan. Samanosuke then meets Michelle, Jacques’ girlfriend, near the Arc and makes his way towards the roof. Across his fights, Samanosuke briefly meets an old enemy: The Genma scientist Guildenstern. Guildenstern explains that he developed the technology to enable himself and his fellow Genma to travel through time to conquer the future.[4] Jacques Blanc and Philippe arrive in 16th century Japan. However, Philippe dies of mortal wounds from the previous battle after the time warp. Upon arriving, an Oni spirit grants him powers in order to assist him on his way to Honnō-ji Temple in Samanosuke’s time. The Oni also gives Jacques a spirit named Ako to assist him in his quest. To return to their own time period, Samanosuke and Jacques must save the respective timelines they are in from destruction. The Samanosuke in 2004 Paris teams up with Michelle and Jacques’ son Henri to save the city from destruction while Jacques and the past’s Samanosuke struggle to fight Nobunaga in feudal Japan. Across his journey, Jacques and the past’s Samanosuke meet Tadakatsu Heihachirō Honda who is linked with the Oda clan. However, Heihachirō decides to join Samanosuke and Jacques’ cause. The future Samanosuke also encounters the Ranmaru who was also displaced and turned into a Genma warrior.
Following several battles, Samanosuke manages to defeat the Genma forces from the future by defeating Guildenstern and Ranmaru. Heihachirō is killed by the past’s Ranmaru and Jacques avenges him when reaching Honnō-ji Temple. Although Nobunaga appears to be defeated as Jacques returns to his time, his Oni powers passing into Henri to save the boy’s life, the warlord recovers and kills the past Samanosuke. However, upon his return to his time, Samanosuke absorbs his alternate self to assume his Onimusha form and defeat Nobunaga before sealing the warlord’s soul in the Oni Gauntlet. Samanosuke then starts a journey with Ako to seal his Gauntlet to ensure Nobunaga can never return.[5] But Nobunaga’s death enables his former vassal Tokichiro to begin his own conquest of Japan as Toyotomi Hideyoshi with the Genma now supporting him.

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 2 GB Free
Video Memory: 128 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive

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