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Old Man’s Journey

When you travel right you get to know someone and that’s what you do while playing that you get to know the important moments of the old man’s life. so is it kind of a journey through his history as well. so basically players will soon start his journey after downloading APK and data files of Old Mans Journey Android and while on this journey you will select some flying tonight and what is it about him. A character who lives on his own there’d be a tiny little bit sad yeah what what is it about him that we can expect to find out and get the Old Man’s Journey APK.

Old Man’s Journey APK has simple story. story i can say that and at its core it’s about family it’s basically about obviously like balancing personal fulfillment individual passion and family life. so he had a difficult time yeah and some of his decisions were not always that i would say but that makes it probably also more interesting story. Now the Gameplay mechanics because what I played briefly there was a sort of platform mechanic in which you’re controlling the platforms rather the character yeah it’s interesting. it definitely is not a platformer but so what you do is you tap to tell the old man where to go and but you can also shape the landscape. you kind of like grow the landscape to develop a pass for the old man and that’s where like the puzzle part comes in.

This Old Mans journey’s goal for the puzzles was to always be pressure free so it’s not a challenging game right but it has interesting puzzles or situations that encourage people to interact with with the world I’ve played a lot of games recently and there are a lot of them certainly coming out in which you’re really not challenged that much to do anything other than what a person with basic common sense would do. so its basically a Tap Adventure game with great story and amazing artwork would definitely fits in adventure lovers Android phones.

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.2.3


User Rating: 3.9 ( 2 votes)

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