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Afterfall Reconquest Episode 1

Fans of gritty black-and-white shooters and fans of ridiculous compound words can at last cease their generation-long struggle, because at last there is something that provides for both parties. (Er, if you don’t count MadWorld, although that wasn’t entirely shooty.)

Afterfall: Reconquest Episode 1 has launched, promising a story-oriented bundle of post-apocalyptic shooty action. You know what that means: industrial ruinporn, the re-emergence of nature, mutants and raiders trying to kill and eat everyone, etcetera.

Has there even been a videogame opponent lower on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs than a post-apocalyptic mutant raider? They’re all “graar I will consume your flesh wastelander” whilst charging at you with a bit of old pipe. That’s no way to self-actualise.

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